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Mrs Wraithmell's Class

Welcome to the Year 3 Class page!

We are really looking forward to learning lots of new and exciting things in Year 3!

Keep checking the Year 3 class page to see all of the fun things we have been getting up to in school. 

P.E. Monday afternoon and Friday afternoon.
Monday afternoon and Friday afternoon (when not swimming). The children should come to school in there school uniform. They will change into their black shorts and white t-shirt. The jogging suit should not be worn to school.  

Swimming -  It is St. Margaret's turn to swim again when they return from the next holidays on Friday 7th June. The children will swim until Friday 12th July. They do not go swimming the very last week of term. They need to bring with them a towel and swimming costume/trunks. If the children prefer to wear goggles or a swimming hat they can bring these too. We do walk to and from from the swimming pool so please ensure that the children wear appropriate coats.

We will be learning how Jesus made Peter the head of the church and that the church began at Pentecost. We will learn about and reflect on what happened to Stephen and Saul. We will listen to and reflect on the challenges of being an apostle. We will learn about Paul’s faith and courage.

Maths - We will be using bar charts, pictograms and tables to interpret and present data. The children will learn about 2d and 3d shapes and will investigate right angles, parallel and perpendicular lines. We will begin to learn to tell the time to 5 minutes  and will learn about the 24 hour clock. Any help that you can offer in teaching your child to tell the time would be greatly apprecited.

Lights, camera, action! - Topic and English

English - we are learning to write a newspaper report. The theme of this report is a near disaster at a lighthouse. In their report the children will include a title, an opening paragraph, a caption, quotes and facts about the main events. 

Science - we will be investigating light. We will be carrying out lots of investigations to gain a greater understanding of light. We will look at how it is reflected and find patterns in the way that the size of shadows change. We will recognise that light from the sun can be dangerous. 

Maths toolkit and Spelling homework are sent home on Friday to be returned by the following Wednesday.

Thank you
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