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Summer 2- Wc 29.6.20- Y4- Maths

For this weeks Maths work, it will link in with the topic of 'Health and Well Being' week analysing different surveys and results. Each day follow the guide for your task. On Monday and Tuesday there is a worksheet to go alongside it. It will also involve creating Bar charts and pictograms, if you have any problems please email me!

Virtual Sports Day

We hope that you can get involved with our Virtual Sports Day this year. We have picked activities that everyone can access with as little equipment as possible. When you have your scores, send your results in so we can count them with the rest of the class. The sheet is a word document so you can fill it in and send it back to us. If you take any pictures or videos of you doing the events, please send them in. Let's get active!!!

Summer 2 Wk 29 06 20 Year 3 & 4

We have planned some different activities this week so they link with our Health & Wellbeing week. I would love to see some of the wake up shake up routines or any Joe Wicks style circuits that you come up with. I hope you enjoy doing them!

Summer 2 Wk 29 06 20 Year 3 & 4

English this week is to produce a leaflet about how to stay healthy, linked with Health & Wellbeing week. On the planning sheet, there are links to different websites which will give you information about having a balanced diet and how to stay active. The websites are just a guide, you can use your own knowledge to produce your information. Don't forget to send me a photo of your leaflet when you have finished.

Summer 2 Wk 29 06 20 Year 3

These are the bar chart sheets for the week, linked in with our Health & Wellbeing week. You should only need SLIDE 3 & 4 on the powerpoint to learn about bar charts. Remember if it's not clear, click SLIDE SHOW and FROM BEGINNING.

Summer 2 Wk 29 06 20 Year 3

These are maths resources for the week, a grid for a bar chart on Thursday and a bar chart help sheet.

Summer 2 Wk 22/06/20 English planning

UPDATE If you wish to view the powerpoint, click SLIDE SHOW at the top and select FROM BEGINNING to view each slide clearly. However I have converted the same powerpoint into a PDF document which may be easier to work with. Thank you.

UPDATE 22/06/20
Hi everyone, as always, I hope you and your families are well. I am certainly missing everyone and although it's been good to see more children in school recently, I'm looking forward to seeing everyone back soon. 
We have some maths challenges this week once you have completed your normal daily sheet and the literacy is recapping diary skills, linked to our science unit on plants. There is also the chance to write your own diary on Thursday. 
Well done to the children who have been on TT Rockstars in the last week. Finlay, Dominic, Liam, Stephanie, Oliver Shanahan, Gabriella, Sebastian, Hannah and Jack. Excellent work guys!.
There has been  a slight drop off in numbers of TT Rockstars so let's get the numbers increased during this week.
Stay safe everyone, as always if you have any questions or want to send me any work then please get in touch.
Summer 2 Wk 22/06/20 English planning document

This planning document will give you the details for each day's learning. The tasks to be completed are supported by the resources below which are labelled with the day they are to be used on. As always if you have any questions please get in touch with me and I will reply as soon as possible.

Summer 2 Wk 22/06/20 Spellings Yr 3 & 4

Here is a chance to practice 5 more common exception words. You could also use the spelling document from last week for any of your spellings.

Summer 2- WC- 22.6.20- Maths

For Maths this week, work through the sheet for each individual day. There is also an optional challenge sheet that you can have a go at as well! If you answer 1 or 2 of the reason and problem solving a day to test the skills that we are recapping this week. Any problems with any of the work, please email me and I will reply as soon as I can!

UPDATE 15/06/20
Hi everyone, I hope you and your families are all well at the moment. We're still in uncertain times and I just hope everyone is still trying to do a little work to structure your day and to keep busy. The maths is a recap from earlier in the year and the literacy is a fun newspaper report. If you have have any work you want to send me, I love to have a look at it. Don't forget the physical challenges, it's really important to keep active.
A huge well done to the following children who have been on TT Rockstars in the last 2 weeks - Finlay, Liam, Laura, Stephanie, Eliza, Tom, Luke, Joseph, Aaron, Oliver Shannahan, Gabriella, Sebastian, Hannah Whiting and Jack.
Stay safe everyone. Mr Oldfield.
Summer 2 Wk 3 Newspaper unit planning Yr 3 & 4

UPDATE 15/06/20 This is the literacy planning for week commencing Monday 15th June. Throughout the week you will be completing different activities to understand the features of a newspaper before writing your own report. There are lots of resources to support you this week. Follow the planning which gives you all the information. As always, if you have any questions please let me know.

Summer 2- WC- 15.6.20- Maths- Y4

Here is this weeks Maths work. This week we are recapping skills from the start of the year looking at place value, which you are already fantastic at! If you have any problems please email me and I will respond as quick as I can.

Summer 2- WC- 15.6.20- Maths- Y3

Here is this weeks Maths work. This week we are recapping skills from the start of the year looking at place value, which you are already fantastic at! If you have any problems please email me and I will respond as quick as I can.

UPDATE 08/06/20
Hi everyone, I hope you and your families are all well at the moment. I have uploaded this weeks work which includes the R.E planning and Science planning for the half term. I've also planned an exciting piece of writing which will enable you to put all that punctuation and grammar practise into action from the last few weeks.
Don't forget to also look at the P.E challenges and if you want to send in your scores or any other work then please email me and I'll give you feedback as quickly as possible.
Stay safe everyone!
Mr Oldfield
Summer 2 Wk 2 Literacy Year 3 & 4

This week for literacy, the task is to write a narrative. The inspiration for the narrative can be found in the 'narrative story starter document'. This picture will hopefully give you some great ideas and produce some lovely pieces of writing.
The literacy plan is quite detailed and should give you all the information you need, day by day. There is also a sheet to plan on or you can design your own at home to gather your story ideas.
Along with these 3 documents, I've included some word mats and other resources to help you include all your writing skills through the week. 
As ever, if you have any questions or if there is anything I can help you with, please let me know. My email is
Summer 2 Wk 2 Maths
Hi everyone, remember to use this link  to watch the video that support the worksheets for both Year 3 and Year 4. Remember we are still a few weeks behind the White Rose website so look for Week commencing May 18th for the videos for both year groups.
Summer 2 Science plan
UPDATE 04/06/20
Hi everyone, I hope you are all well.
I have attached 2 new documents that are linked to some P.E ideas and keeping active whilst you are at home. One document is 'Active June' where you can try and complete an activity as many times as possible or for as long as you can. It's all about setting your personal best and then trying to beat it. 
The other is a daily 'Personal Best ' document which you can do as many times as possible to see improvements. Remember to record your scores and challenge yourself to do your best.
Good luck!!!
UPDATE 03/06/20
Hi everyone, here is the work for the first week of Summer 2. We are recapping some of our objectives from the year so far with some videos to help out. If you have any questions or want to send me any of your work or activities then please email me.
Stay safe everyone!

Summer 2 Wk 1 Maths Year 4
This weeks maths, we will be using videos from youtube as a resource to aid in our learning. Follow the links below to find the video for the correct sheet. Roman Numerals-
Summer 2 Wk 1 Maths Year 3
This weeks Maths will be following the White Rose Maths home learning videos labelled Week 4- WC 11th May.
Summer 2 Wk 1 punctuation and grammar
For week 1, we are recapping some of the grammar skills that we have covered through the year so far. Each worksheet is doubled sided with the difficulty increased on the second side of the sheet. The answers are also provided plus a powerpoint to remind you of the skill and how to apply it in a sentence or piece of writing.
UPDATE 01/06/20
I've uploaded some of the work and pictures I've received since school has been closed to the majority of pupils. It really is lovely to see and hear how hard you are working, even if you haven't have chance to send anything through to me. It's also great to see the practical activities that you have been up to. 
In these pictures, we have Hannah Goodwin showing her amazing model of a very colourful volcano. Does it erupt Hannah? How did you make it? I've love to know. 
Finlay has sent through lots of interesting pictures including feeding animals and exploring the countryside. But the baking he has done in these pictures looks fantastic. Save me some next time Finlay!
Then we have Jack and Eliza with excellent examples of some of the work they have been doing, I really enjoyed reading them so well done to both of you!
If anyone else has any work or pictures you want to send through I'll put as many as I can on our class page.
Stay safe everyone.
Mr Oldfield
Finlay's baking pictures
Eliza's diary entry
Hannah Goodwin's model volcano
The Sound Collector poem by Jack Young
Update 01.06.2020
CONGRATULATIONS to the BOYS on winning the 'Battle of the Bands' competition against the girls on TT Rockstars. The boys scored a fabulous 6,662 points and the girls scored a very good 663 points. A big shout out to the boys who worked extremely hard over the half term to complete their learning and winning the competition: Oliver, Charlie, Finlay, Jack, Oliver, Sebastian, Liam, Joseph and Tom! Also a big shout out to the girls who also worked extremely hard to complete their learning and taking part in the competition: Eliza, Natalia and Hannah! Well done!!

UPDATE 01/06/20 -

WELL DONE to the following children who have accessed TT Rockstars between May 25th and June 1st ( updated at 2.45pm)
Finlay, Liam, Eliza, Tom, Luke, Natalia, Joseph, Oliver Moyo, Oliver Shanahan, Sebastian, Hannah Whiting and Jack. 
We shall know the results soon who has won the 'Battle of the Bands'. Keep working on those times tables!!!
Mr Oldfield

UPDATE 24 05 20
A huge well done to the following pupils who have accessed TT Rockstars in the last week!
Finlay, Liam, Hannah G, Eliza, Tom, Luke, Jared, Joseph, Charlie, Oliver M, Oliver S, Gabriella, Sebastian, Hannah W and Jack.
See below for the half term TT Rockstars 'Battle of the Bands' challenge. Good luck.......and remember, the more games you play the more points you earn for your team.
As always, if you have any questions please get in touch. Thanks and stay safe.
Mr Oldfield.

Update 22.05.2020

It’s the May half term! Well done for working hard at home. Your challenge this half term is a ‘Battle of the Bands’ on TT Rockstars. All the girls are competing against all the boys in St Bernadette’s to be champions of times tables. The ‘Battle’ begins on Saturday 23rd May at 8.30am and you can play as many times as you wish until Monday 1st June at 8.30am, simply just play any zones on TT Rockstars.  Who will win? Girls or boys? Good luck! The winners will be announced on Monday 1st June.

A huge well done to the following pupils who have accessed the TT Rockstars in the last week! Keep up the good work and let's see if we can have more people on this coming week.
Finlay, Dominic, Liam, Laura, Shay, Hannah G, Eliza, Tom, Luke, Charlie, Oliver M, Aaron, Oliver S, Sebastian and Jack.
UPDATE 18 05 20
Hi everyone, I hope you and your families are staying safe and well at the moment. Here is the work for Wk 5, I hope this provides a little structure to your day and keeps some of the learning from this year in your head. If you have any questions or want to send me any work I'll be more than happy to read it.
I also just wanted to say a huge thank you to your families who are supporting you with your work during this time, everyone is doing such an amazing job! STAY SAFE EVERYONE!!
If you are wanting to use the Bitesize lessons rather than Oak National Academy for English / SPaG, you will need to go back to 4th May for the resource sheets to match the lessons on the Bitesize website. If there is no resource sheet to download, it means that there is an online activity to complete. Here is the link to Bitesize again so you can find the correct year group, then find 4th May to match to Monday's resource sheet.
UPDATE 11 05 20
Hello everyone, I hope you and your families are all staying safe and are keeping well at the moment. I just wanted to stay a huge thank you and well done for coping during this difficult time and also a huge thank you to your family for the support they are giving you with your work but also just generally. I hope you enjoyed the lovely weather on Friday and Saturday and managed some kind of VE Day celebrations.
The maths this week is once again supported by the White Rose website so I hope you find a little time to complete the work which will help structure your day and prepare for a return to school whenever that may be. If there is anything I can help with please email me and I'll be in touch as soon as possible.
Also don't forget to use TT ROCKSTARS..... I'll give another shout out to the high scorers at the end of the week. 
For Wk 4 English & SPaG, we have included the resources for both Oak Academy and BBC Bitesize. We had lots of positive feedback about the online lessons but we have also listened to those that had some navigational issues with the Oak website, therefore added Bitesize as an alternative. Use the link to find the correct year group.      Where there are no resources on a certain day for Bitesize, it means there is an online activity to complete. The Oak link is still on this web page within last weeks work.
Update 08.05.2020
A massive well done to Hannah and Eliza for using TT Rockstars during the month of May - fantastic work! Let's see if more children from St Bernadette's can show progress on TT Rockstars this month. If you need your username and password, do not hesitate to contact Mr Oldfield!
Summer 1 Wk 3 Update

Firstly, I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during this difficult time. I am in the process of making phone calls to the families that I not seeing in school at the moment and I have to say it's been great to hear that everyone is coping and most importantly staying fit and healthy. The work is being set to give a little structure to the children's day so we hope it is helping to keep a few of the skills we have learnt fresh in the memory. It's also really important to get some fresh air and exercise so check out our Sporting Events page for some active challenges.
If there is anything I can help with please get in touch......otherwise STAY HOME STAY SAFE!
Summer 1 Wk 3 Spellings

To support the work this week, we have included some spellings including the rules to support the children's writing. As our language is so complex with so many different rules and exceptions to some rules, it would be useful to keep on top of these skills for when we return to school.
Summer 1 Wk 3 Yr 3 & Yr 4 SPaG

For SPaG this week, we will be following the Oak National Academy which is a series of online lessons that will take the children through an aspect of English / SPaG to produce a piece of writing by the end of the week. Each day has an a couple of activities and a video to watch to explain the teaching. The link is  . Put the link into the address bar and click on your year group. Then scroll down to Week 1 which is April 20th and follow the schedule through each day to complete the lessons. 
This is the first time we have tried the online lessons as activities so we would be interested to hear your feedback for both Maths and English. If it proves successful, we will probably look to follow on to the other weeks that Oak National Academy is providing. Again if there are any issues or if there is any support I can give you please email me.
 Summer 1 Wk 3 Yr 3 Yr 4 Maths Update

For maths this week we will be using the 'White Rose hub' home learning videos. If  you follow this link  then look for your year group. Don't forget to scroll down to Week commencing April 20th which is week 1 on the White Rose website. The worksheets on our website match the video you will watch to complete the work. Simply follow the instructions and do your best finishing the worksheet. If you have any problems please email me and I will try to help in any way I can.
Summer 1 Topic and R.E weekly tasks
Welcome to St Bernadette's class page

UPDATE 20/04/20







Welcome to the St Bernadettes online learning updates!

Hello everyone, I hope you and your families are staying safe in this very difficult time. At least the weather hasn't been too bad so I hope you've been able to get out in your gardens during the last 2 weeks as well as completing the online work.

For the Easter Holidays, we've created 2 maths toolkits like you would normally get for homework plus some SPaG mats and some spellings. I hope you've been able to get on TT Rockstars, please keep logging on and working really hard on your timestables. I'll be posting some other websites over the holidays so you can keep doing a little bit of the work when you have time.
Don't forget to contact me if you any questions and I'll get back to you as quickly as possible.

Firstly, thank you for your patience and understanding whilst staff organise work for children to complete during school closure. This class page will provide all the resources you will need to enable your child to continue to develop their learning.

As a school we will be providing: one Maths, one English, one SPAG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) or Phonics every day for the children to complete. We would also like children to have the opportunity to complete an RE (religious education) and Topic (geography, history or science) once a week (where possible).

Children have been provided with resource packs, which include: a workbook, a pencil and a rubber as necessities. You may use these resources to support the learning or use your own equipment, if you wish.

As teachers are still providing education online, all teaching staff will be available to contact via email between the hours of 8.30am and 4pm. Staff will be more than happy to respond to any questions or concerns. The class teachers email is:

We thank you for your continued support in this unprecedented times.

( Apologies for the documents not being in order, it's just how it uploaded from my computer to the internet. Hopefully everything is clearly labelled to complete the work.)

Spring 2 Newsletter
The teacher in St Bernadette's is Mr Oldfield with Miss Foxl supporting in our class everyday. All our staff in Year 3/4 are here to support the children to develop and learn in a safe and happy environment.
Our page will be regularly updated with all the exciting activities, tasks and events that occur both in our classroom and in school. Keep checking back to find out what the children have been doing!

P.E in St Bernadette's 
We have P.E twice a week in St Bernadette's class, covering a wide variety of units to engage the children and improve their overall agility, balance and co-ordination.
Our first P.E lesson of the week in Spring 2 is Swimming on a Tuesday morning. This is when the children can come in their P.E kit to make changing a little easier and quicker. Our 2nd P.E session in Spring 2 in on a Friday afternoon which is Net and Wall games. This will be primarily looking at the children's tennis skills but we will recap throwing and catching from the Autumn term.

This is a vital part of the children's learning and will support the work they do within the classroom. We can already see the work that our parents are putting in with the children at home which is fantastic. It is enabling them to access a wider range of challenge and is embedding some of the key concepts that will help them as the school year goes on.
The maths toolkit is issued on a Friday and is expected to be handed in on a Monday morning. The questions are designed to be of a challenging nature but these are the models that the children will need to be familiar with as they move throughout the year. From the Spring term, there will be some SPaG questions on the back of the toolkit to help understanding of the objectives used within the children's writing. These questions will be in a test style format so they can used the questions asked within our assessments throughout the year.
The spelling words will be handed out on a Friday with the spelling test the following week. This will give the children a chance to learn their words both at school and at home. 

The children will be provided 2 books on a weekly basis. Please can they bring their books to school everyday as there will be opportunities for them to read to an adult through the week.
Our reading focus this term is the Horrible Histories book series. The children will be given the opportunity to read at least one of these books through the term and then study character description and settings from the book they have read. It is also a chance to read a lengthy book and for you to share the joy of reading with your child.

Times Tables
This year the children in Year 4 will sit an external exam on their tables knowledge. To help with their knowledge, we are having a weekly times table test for all children. The school has provided Times Tables Rockstars to explore their tables in a fun and enjoyable way. Usernames and passwords will be provided to the children to access this resource both at school and at home.

What have we been learning in the Spring term?

Our topic focus in the Spring term has been' Roaming Romans'! We have been studying how the Romans lived in Ancient Rome along with investigating home life, food and the general culture.
We explored the life of Hadrian and even wrote a biography on his life to fully understand him as a person. We were amazed to learn that his wall is so long that he built along the English Scottish border to keep the Celts out of his territory.

Yorkshire Museum Trip

To underpin our studies, in Spring 1, we enjoyed a fantastic trip to the Yorkshire Museum in York. We completed 2 workshops while we were there to fully understand what life was like in Eboracum ( Roman York) and to learn what life was like as a soldier in the Roman army. Have a look at our was a really awesome day!

Skipping Festival

Recently our Year 4 children were invited to the annual skipping festival held at Mount St Mary's High School. Since early January, the children have been working hard on a wide range of skipping styles from speed bounce to pretzel. As well as trying to beat their personal best in all these different types of skip, they had been working incredibly hard at the skip dance. 
To the tune of Jess Glynne's Hold my hand, they performed a wide range of moves, skips and jumps and ended up winning gold beating 5 other schools on the day. A well deserved reward for all their hard work. 
There were a number of other certificates given out on the day to both individual and group performances. It was a huge achievement and I just hope everyone continues working hard, even though the festival is now over.

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