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Welcome to St Bernadette's class page! 

St Bernadette's is one of our year 3/4 classes and we are the Spring born children.

We are looking forward to sharing all of our work with you this year! 

Our team in St Bernadette's are: 

Mr Oldfield - class teacher 
Mrs Valentine - teaching assistant 

If you need to get in touch with any of the team please do so using my e-mail -

Stars of the Week

Children are chosen for their values and outstanding work.

Mary - Elizabeth - for her positive approach to the year and contribution within class.
Wiktor - for his work ethic and his enthusiasm throughout every lesson.
Milo - For a very high standard of work and helping his peers to enhance their learning.
St Bernadette's Newsletters

Please find below our newsletter for this half term which tells you what we will be covering until October half term.

We love to read!

This term our class novels are the Horrible Histories books written by Terry Deary and Peter Hepplewhite. They are such a fantastic selection of books covering many of the key historical periods in time including the Stone Age, Greeks, Egyptians and Romans. The children have already selected their first book and are learning many of the key facts linked with the period. 
The children will also have the chance to select from many of the other novels within class accessing a range of different authors and styles of writing.
Within our week in school, we have a dedicated reading lesson called a VIPERS session. Each of the letters in VIPERS stands for a key reading skill that the children are aiming to develop throughout the course of the year. These sessions allow us to explore reading skills and focus closely on the meaning of words within a text or the meaning that can be inferred from a text. The work that you do at home with the children is so important to develop their understanding of their reading ask those key questions about the story ideas or why a character says something in a certain way enhances their knowledge greatly.

The VIPERS skills we cover are vocabulary, inference, prediction, explanation, retrieval and summerise.

Please do take a   look at what the favourite books are in our class and why don't you try reading some of my favourite 5's as well! 
Mr Oldfield's Favourite 5 Reading Books
St Bernadette

In the first couple of weeks of term, we conducted some research on our class saint so we could learn more about how St Bernadette conducted herself through her life. We learnt about the hardship she went through during her early life but then ultimately the devotion she had to her family and those less fortunate than herself. 
The children found it very interesting and inspiring the fact that she grew up an ordinary person but was chosen by Our Lady to share her gifts with those who were in need and to spread the word of God.
The children enjoyed the artwork they did and learnt alot by creating their factfile of St Bernadette.
Autumn 1 Maths

In the first half term in Maths, we have been focused on our place value work. Being a mixed Year 3 & 4 class has it benefits as we have been able to target the same objectives with Year 3's working with 3 digit numbers and Year 4 working with 4 digit numbers. Within the unit, we have covered representing numbers, ordering numbers, rounding and finding 1, 10 and 100 more or less among many other objectives.

Autumn 1 - English

During the first half term, our main focus in English has been on our instructions unit. This has very much been driven by our topic lessons studying 'Our local area' where we have been increasing our mapping skills and plotting the landmarks of Pudsey. From this, the children wrote a set of instructions on 'How to take a journey around Pudsey' aiming to include all the features that come with writing instructions as well as including the landmarks. The children have shown lots of enthusiasm for both subjects and have produced some lovely work.

MacMillan bun sale fun!!!!!

Last week the children kindly brought in a lovely selection of buns to share with their classmates. This was obviously to support the wonderful work that the Macmillan charity does within our community and all over the country. The donations we received were extremely generous and were greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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