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Welcome to St Bernadette's class page
The teacher in St Bernadette's is Mr Oldfield with Miss Nicholson-Hague supporting in our class everyday. All our staff in Year 3 are here to support the children to develop and learn in a safe and happy environment.
Our page will be regularly updated with all the exciting activities, tasks and events that occur both in our classroom and in school. Keep checking back to find out what the children have been doing!

P.E in St Bernadette's 
We have P.E twice a week in St Bernadette's class, covering a wide variety of units to engage the children and improve their overall agility, balance and co-ordination.
Our first P.E lesson of the week is on a Monday afternoon so the children need to come to school in their school uniform and get changed into their P.E kit before the lesson. The children can then go home in their P.E kit which is a new system for this year. We have just enjoyed our second half term of swimming in Spring 2 which the children really enjoyed and we will be going again in the Summer term. This is to allow the other Year 3 class, St Margaret's to have their half terms of swimming.
In Spring 2, our second P.E lesson of the week is on a Friday afternoon where the children will again get changed after lunch and be allowed to home in their P.E kits.
Our unit of P.E for the Spring 2 half term is tennis

This is a vital part of the children's learning and will support the work they do within the classroom. We can already see the work that our parents are putting in with the children at home which is fantastic. It is enabling them to access a wider range of challenge and is embedding some of the key concepts that will help them as the school year goes on.
The maths toolkit is issued on a Friday and is expected to be handed in on a Monday morning. The questions are designed to be of a challenging nature but these are the models that the children will need to be familiar with as they move throughout the year.
The combined spelling and handwriting books will be worked on in class at the start of the week and then the children will bring these home on a Wednesday, again to be handed in on a Monday morning. This is when the children will have their spelling test to check their understanding.

What have we been learning?
We are now half way through the year and the last half term has been another busy time for St Bernadette's class.
In English, we have been writing 'A day in the life of a Pharaoh'. This was closely linked to our topic which was 'Ancient Egyptians'. During the topic, we learnt so much about the Egyptians such as:
- Understanding a timeline of when Ancient Egypt occured, in line with when Jesus walked the earth.
- Investigate artefacts and the part they played in learning more about the 'Ancient Egyptian' period.
- How mummification was a very long and complicated process.
- How studying pictures of 'Ancient Egyptian' make us into archeologists, discovering the secrets of the past. 

We also had a fantastic 'Ancient Egyptian' day where a lady called Catherine came into school and worked with both Year 3 and 4 on artefacts, mummification and writing hieroglyphs for both letters and numbers. We finished the day by learning about combat in Egypt and then played a couple of board games from the time. 

In maths, we have had a big focus on fractions in Spring 1. We have been learning equivalent fractions, fractions on a number line and fractions of amounts. We enjoyed learning about fractions of amounts practically before formally writing it in our work. We feel that it helps us to understand if we do a practical task alongside our learning. 
This was also helpful in our geometry unit where we made 3D shapes from dry spagetti and marshmellows!!! Great fun!!.
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