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Welcome to St Bernadette's Class Page 

St Bernadette's is one of our Year 5/6 classes .

We are looking forward to sharing all of our work with you this year! 

Our team in St Bernadette's are: 

Miss Martin - Class Teacher 
Mrs Cullen - Teaching Assistant 

Year 5/6 Orange Spellings

This is a document of orange words t are to be learnt over the school year. These cards are useful to learn and explore with them at home. In some weeks, these spellings may appear in spelling tests.

Bonjour, Salut!

In French we recapped learning greeting and how to ask 'how are you?' and say replies in French. The children did so well and have gotten more confident with pronouncing the phrases.

Haworth Residential
Year 5 residential POWER POINT
World Book Day

Y5 and 6 showing off their fantastic World Book Day costumes!

Having fun seeking pattern related to sound in Science!
Residential 2022

Incredibly proud of our Year 6 children for participating in all the activities available on residential. The children were a credit to our school. We hope the children made memories to last a lifetime. Here are MANY photos to show you just SOME of the fun!

Stitching Viking emblems - Y5 and 6 showing off their amazing work!
Viking Day! (13.12)
Super hero day

Take a look at our inspiring costumes!

Reading Y5-6 Parent Meeting

Thank you to the parents that attended one of our two reading sessions. We understand it was a quick tour of our reading progression in year 5 and 6, however hopefully the documents below will support you further. If you did not manage to attend one of our meetings, please use the documents provided for guidance including the powerpoint from the evening. Any further questions, please do not hesitate to send an email. Thank you.

Year 5/6 Spelling Resource
Den Building (Autumn 1)

Thanks to FOSJ, Upper Key Stage 2 had a fantastic day den building even if some were very wet at the end!

We love to read!

This term our class novels are the Horrible Histories books written by Terry Deary and Peter Hepplewhite. They are such a fantastic selection of books covering many of the key historical periods in time including the Stone Age, Greeks, Egyptians and Romans. The children have already selected their first book and are learning many of the key facts linked with the period. 
The children will also have the chance to select from many of the other novels within class accessing a range of different authors and styles of writing.
Within our week in school, we have a dedicated reading lesson called a VIPERS session. Each of the letters in VIPERS stands for a key reading skill that the children are aiming to develop throughout the course of the year. These sessions allow us to explore reading skills and focus closely on the meaning of words within a text or the meaning that can be inferred from a text. The work that you do at home with the children is so important to develop their understanding of their reading ask those key questions about the story ideas or why a character says something in a certain way enhances their knowledge greatly.

The VIPERS skills we cover are vocabulary, inference, prediction, explanation, retrieval and summerise.

Please do take a   look at what the favourite books are in our class and why don't you try reading some of my favourite 5's as well! 
Mr Oldfield's Favourite 5 Reading Books
English 2020-21

During Autumn 2, we have been looking at some new grammar objectives which have enabled us to write our reports on Henry VIII. We looked at the structure of a non chronological report and what we would need to include to make it successful. Key areas to focus on were the headings and sub titles, using the correct tense ( past for our report), use of technical language linked with our topic of The Tudors and using paragraphs to name but a few. We really enjoyed doing the research on the Tudors and found all the facts and stories behind them really interesting. We are now preparing for our next piece of work which will be a narrative, again based on Henry VIII where we can practise more of grammar skills including possessive apostrophies and inverted commas.


During Autumn 2, we had our Anti Bullying week. This is always an important time in school as we raise the awareness of the different types of bullying in our society and talk to the children about how to spot bullying with the key signs and what their actions need to be to prevent it happening. Our theme this year was 'United Against Bullying' which reminded us that nobody is alone and that we should stand together and help each other out if any of us are in need. It was a good chance for St Bernadette's to talk about the different types of bullying that Christ suffered when he was alive think about why people did certain things to him. It gave us a chance to learn from him in how he dealt with these acts of bullying and how we could stop them happening in the first place.

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