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Easter Holidays Maths toolkit Wk1
Easter hols toolkit Wk 2
Easter hols SPaG mats wk1 / wk2 & spellings
Year 3 & Year 4 writing tasks wk 2
Year 3 & Year 4 writing tasks Wk 1
Year 3 & Year 4 Topic tasks
Year 3 & Year 4 R.E tasks
Skipping festival
Welcome to St Bernadette's class page

Welcome to the St Bernadettes online learning updates!

Hello everyone, I hope you and your families are staying safe in this very difficult time. At least the weather hasn't been too bad so I hope you've been able to get out in your gardens during the last 2 weeks as well as completing the online work.

For the Easter Holidays, we've created 2 maths toolkits like you would normally get for homework plus some SPaG mats and some spellings. I hope you've been able to get on TT Rockstars, please keep logging on and working really hard on your timestables. I'll be posting some other websites over the holidays so you can keep doing a little bit of the work when you have time.
Don't forget to contact me if you any questions and I'll get back to you as quickly as possible.

Firstly, thank you for your patience and understanding whilst staff organise work for children to complete during school closure. This class page will provide all the resources you will need to enable your child to continue to develop their learning.

As a school we will be providing: one Maths, one English, one SPAG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) or Phonics every day for the children to complete. We would also like children to have the opportunity to complete an RE (religious education) and Topic (geography, history or science) once a week (where possible).

Children have been provided with resource packs, which include: a workbook, a pencil and a rubber as necessities. You may use these resources to support the learning or use your own equipment, if you wish.

As teachers are still providing education online, all teaching staff will be available to contact via email between the hours of 8.30am and 4pm. Staff will be more than happy to respond to any questions or concerns. The class teachers email is:

We thank you for your continued support in this unprecedented times.

( Apologies for the documents not being in order, it's just how it uploaded from my computer to the internet. Hopefully everything is clearly labelled to complete the work.)

Yorkshire Museum
Spring 2 Newsletter
The teacher in St Bernadette's is Mr Oldfield with Miss Foxl supporting in our class everyday. All our staff in Year 3/4 are here to support the children to develop and learn in a safe and happy environment.
Our page will be regularly updated with all the exciting activities, tasks and events that occur both in our classroom and in school. Keep checking back to find out what the children have been doing!

P.E in St Bernadette's 
We have P.E twice a week in St Bernadette's class, covering a wide variety of units to engage the children and improve their overall agility, balance and co-ordination.
Our first P.E lesson of the week in Spring 2 is Swimming on a Tuesday morning. This is when the children can come in their P.E kit to make changing a little easier and quicker. Our 2nd P.E session in Spring 2 in on a Friday afternoon which is Net and Wall games. This will be primarily looking at the children's tennis skills but we will recap throwing and catching from the Autumn term.

This is a vital part of the children's learning and will support the work they do within the classroom. We can already see the work that our parents are putting in with the children at home which is fantastic. It is enabling them to access a wider range of challenge and is embedding some of the key concepts that will help them as the school year goes on.
The maths toolkit is issued on a Friday and is expected to be handed in on a Monday morning. The questions are designed to be of a challenging nature but these are the models that the children will need to be familiar with as they move throughout the year. From the Spring term, there will be some SPaG questions on the back of the toolkit to help understanding of the objectives used within the children's writing. These questions will be in a test style format so they can used the questions asked within our assessments throughout the year.
The spelling words will be handed out on a Friday with the spelling test the following week. This will give the children a chance to learn their words both at school and at home. 

The children will be provided 2 books on a weekly basis. Please can they bring their books to school everyday as there will be opportunities for them to read to an adult through the week.
Our reading focus this term is the Horrible Histories book series. The children will be given the opportunity to read at least one of these books through the term and then study character description and settings from the book they have read. It is also a chance to read a lengthy book and for you to share the joy of reading with your child.

Times Tables
This year the children in Year 4 will sit an external exam on their tables knowledge. To help with their knowledge, we are having a weekly times table test for all children. The school has provided Times Tables Rockstars to explore their tables in a fun and enjoyable way. Usernames and passwords will be provided to the children to access this resource both at school and at home.

What have we been learning in the Spring term?

Our topic focus in the Spring term has been' Roaming Romans'! We have been studying how the Romans lived in Ancient Rome along with investigating home life, food and the general culture.
We explored the life of Hadrian and even wrote a biography on his life to fully understand him as a person. We were amazed to learn that his wall is so long that he built along the English Scottish border to keep the Celts out of his territory.

Yorkshire Museum Trip

To underpin our studies, in Spring 1, we enjoyed a fantastic trip to the Yorkshire Museum in York. We completed 2 workshops while we were there to fully understand what life was like in Eboracum ( Roman York) and to learn what life was like as a soldier in the Roman army. Have a look at our was a really awesome day!

Skipping Festival

Recently our Year 4 children were invited to the annual skipping festival held at Mount St Mary's High School. Since early January, the children have been working hard on a wide range of skipping styles from speed bounce to pretzel. As well as trying to beat their personal best in all these different types of skip, they had been working incredibly hard at the skip dance. 
To the tune of Jess Glynne's Hold my hand, they performed a wide range of moves, skips and jumps and ended up winning gold beating 5 other schools on the day. A well deserved reward for all their hard work. 
There were a number of other certificates given out on the day to both individual and group performances. It was a huge achievement and I just hope everyone continues working hard, even though the festival is now over.

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