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Welcome to St Patrick's class page 
We look forward to sharing all of our wonderful work with you for this year! 

Our Foundation Stage team is: 

Miss Taylor - St Patrick's Carpet 1 (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) 
Mrs McLean - St Partick's Carpet 1 (Thursday, Friday) 
Miss Aspinall - St Patrick's Carpet 2 
Miss Craven - Teaching Assistant
Miss  - Teaching Assistant

If you need any information about our curriculum please do look here and don't hesitate to contact us through our e-mail:
Summer 1 2021

We are so excited to begin our new topic, 'Heroes and Villains. 'In this topic we looked at lots of different traditional tales and decided who is the hero and villain in each story. This half term we read the stories, 'The Three Little Pigs', 'The Gingerbread Man' and 'Hansel and Gretel.' We had lots of fun reading the stories and doing lots of exciting activities. In maths we continued learning about numbers to ten and began to look at numbers to 20 in more detail. We also developed our knowledge by solving addition and subtraction problems. In our science learning we had lots of fun building houses for the little pigs and tested their strength by blowing them with hairdryers. We also tested the strengths of biscuits to make a new leg for the Gingerbread Man from Shrek.

Multi Faith Week in school

As part of our school's Multi-Faith week, we have been learning about Hinduism. We enjoyed learning lots about the religion and we did lots of interesting activities. We learnt about the place that Hindu people go to to worship, we learnt about the special holy book they have, we lernt about the religious festivals such as Diwali and Holi, and we also talked about the special foods that may be eaten during celebrations. We also learnt about Rangoli patterns during our art lessons and some enjoyed learning some exciting dance moves. It was lots of fun!
Rescue Mission!

We have been learning all about animals from cold places. One morning we arrived at school and we had been given a special mission to rescue some animals trapped in ice! We had to melt the ice to get the animals out. We had lots of different things that we could use to hep us, including salt, oil, vinegar, soap, water, cocoa powder, food colouring and flour. Not all of the things were helpful. We managed to rescue the animals! Here are some photos of what happened.

Our first week in Foundation Stage
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End of year expectations

In this document are all of the early learning goals that your child has to get to achieve a good level of development. Use these as guidelines when working with your child during their literacy and maths lessons.

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