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Rainbow fish
Virtual Sports Day!

Hi everyone, I've put the recording sheet for our virtual sports day. Please email your results back to Miss Turpin and myself or post them onto Tapestry.

Literacy W.C. 29th June 2020

As part of our under the sea topic, we are moving onto Pirates. Please see attachment for this weeks Literacy task.

Topic - Health week W.C. 29th June 2020

Hello everyone, this week in school it is health week. I have attached a power point which includes something for each day. What we are doing at school can also be done at home! I have also attached some extra work sheets which we are using in class as provision activities if you want anything extra to get on with :)

Phonics work W.C. 29th June 2020

This week the planning for the phonics is on a powerpoint. Please also play the games on the phonics play website, just search that name on google and play the games specified on the powerpoint slides. Please practise saying the words on the second document for your child to segment. Use the word segment with your children as we used this word at school with them. the third document is words that are already segmented and your child has to blend the sounds together to make the word. So say the words in robot speech such as; s - u - n

Maths work - W.C. 29th June 2020

Below is the maths work for the week, we are learning about capacity. I have also put some worksheets for filling in missing numbers, going over positional language and pictures of scenes to recognise 2D shapes. There is also a document about extra weight challenges you can do in the house. I have also made some extra challenges to link in with healthy living week. It is not compulsory, but they are active tasks to link in with the theme week.

Maths - W.C. 22nd June 2020 Capacity

Hello, please find the maths work below. We are looking at capacity this week, there is also an extra challenge each day if your child wishes to push themselves a bit more. There are some worksheets to complete by just looking at them on the screen, but this week it is really practical and its about getting your child to speak in sentences to compare capacity. There is also a positional language sheet for your child to match the words to the correct picture by looking at them on the screen.

Literacy W.C. 22nd June 2020

This week in literacy we are looking at instructions. Please see attachment for daily tasks and complete work in work books. Thanks :)

Topic W.C. 22nd June 2020

Hi everyone, the kids are loving our under the sea topic. In class we have particularly noticed a love for whales, they have loved seeing videos of them! Attached is the activity for the week. We would love to see videos and pictures of their creations.

Literacy 15th June 2020
Topic 15th June 2020

We are continuing to look at sea life in topic. This week the children are to create a fact file on a sea creature. Use the document attached for the format to use or for an idea if your child would like to create it in their own way. Research information with your child on their chosen sea creature.

Phonics Work W.C. 8th June 2020

Hello, how are you all getting on? Attached is the Phonics document, the reading task is extra if you have time. Just a reminder of timings for lessons, We only spend around 20-25 minutes on phonics each day, but that is with 20 children at a time. So please only spend around 15 minutes on this work.

Topic Work W.C. 8th June 2020

Our topic has now moved onto the oceans in the World and the creature we find in them. This links with our literacy where we are looking at the Rainbow Fish.

Literacy Work W.C. 8th June

Attached is the document for the literacy lessons. We are focusing on the story of The Rainbow Fish for the next two weeks.

P.E. challenges!

Hi all, attached are two documents about some different P.E. challenges you can do each day to keep active. They are quick and fun to do and these would be lovely to see on Tapestry.

Literacy W.C. June 1st 2020
Topic W.C. June 1st 2020
Topic - W.C. 11th May 2020
Literacy W.C - 11th May 2020

Take a look at the document for the daily literacy tasks.

Welcome to St Patricks’ online learning updates!
Firstly, thank you for your patience and understanding whilst staff organise work for children to complete during school closure. This class page will provide all the resources you will need to enable your child to continue to develop their learning. 
As a school we will be providing: one Maths, one English and one Phonics every day for the children to complete. We would also like children to have opportunity to complete an RE (religious education) and Topic (geography, history or science) once a week (where possible). 
Children have been provided with resource packs, which include: a workbook, a pencil and a rubber as necessities. You may use this resources to support the learning or use your own equipment, if you wish. 
As teachers are still providing education online, all teaching staff will be available to contact via email between the hours of 8.30am and 4pm. Staff will be more than happy to respond to any questions or concerns. The class teachers’ emails are: 
Mrs Andrews: h.andrews@st
Miss Turpin:
We thank you for your continued support in this unprecedented times. 
End of year expectations

In this document are all of the early learning goals that your child has to get to achieve a good level of development. Use these as guidelines when working with your child during their literacy and maths lessons.

First weeks in Reception!

The children have been giving our class playground a good clean. They used the sweeping and painting brushes to wash down the walls and windows. They love getting wet and pouring the water around the playground.

Welcome to St Patrick's class page. 

The staff in our unit are Mrs Andrews on carpet 1, Miss Turpin on carpet 2 and Mrs McPail who is the teaching assistant for both classes.
Our school day starts at 8:45 and finishes at 3:00.
We are enjoying getting to know everyone and we look forward to a busy and fun filled year in Reception.

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