St Joseph's

Catholic Primary School Pudsey

Telephone 0113 256 5407

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Executive Headteacher - Miss C Gardner 

Head of School- Miss C Doherty 

Assistant Headtachers - Mrs AM Domanski & Mr D Farmer 

Class teachers and support assistants 
Year group Teachers                      Support staff 
St Patrick's  (Reception)  Mrs Rowlands 
Miss Turpin 
Miss N Fox 
St Francis' (year 1/2 - Autumn born)  Mrs N Longbottom  Mrs J Valentine
St George's (year 1/2 - Spring born)  Miss S Ford  Mrs S Cullen 
St Peter's (year 1/2/- Summer born)  Miss J Taylor  Mrs M McKee 
St Bernadette's - (year 3)  Mr M Oldfield  Mrs M Nicholson-Hague
St Margaret Clitheroe's - (year 3)  Mrs J Wraithmell  Mrs B Young
St Therese de Liseaux - (year 4)  Miss G Collier  Mrs A Hawley 
Mrs S Meredith 
St Paul's (year 5)  Miss C Martin  Mrs C Newton 
St Andrew's (year 6)  Mr Farmer Mrs R Lamb 
Mrs S McPhail 

Additional teaching staff 

Mrs L Howey - music teacher 

Office staff 
Office Manager  Mrs E Chadwick 
Office Administrators  Mrs J Lambert
Mrs C Lazenby  

Kitchen staff 
School cook  Mrs S Dowd 
Assistant cook  Mrs T Johnson
Catering assistant  Mrs A Costello
Mrs L Harrison 

Cleaning staff 
Site Supervisor   
Lead of cleaning staff  Mrs D Lee 
Cleaners  Mrs B Kaur 
Miss J Lishman 
Mrs L Mallinson 
St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

Mount Pleasant Road, Pudsey, LS28 7AZ

Tel: 0113 256 5407

Fax: 0113 255 7449


Headteacher: Miss C Gardner


Our trust is part of the
Diocese of Leeds

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