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Literacy is an exciting, engaging journey of magical adventures through the world of stories, the craft of writing and the joys of imagination. Leap in, open your eyes and dance with the words!



Maths is a challenging yet powerful tool to grasp through exploring creatively, practically and methodically. Thus allowing a secure understanding to battle mathematical problems not only in lessons but in everyday life. Dive straight in, find that solution!

We promote a positive attitude in mathematics through enjoyable, engaging and enthusing lessons. We want to develop our children into confident and competent mathematicians who can apply mathematical concepts to all areas of life.

We intend to develop in all pupils:
A positive attitude to mathematics;
An understanding of mathematics through a process of enquiry;
A range of learning strategies: working with concrete resources and models to deepen understanding;
Confidence in mathematics where children can express ideas fluently and talk about the subject using mathematical language; Resilient learners with Growth Mindsets who will relish a challenge.

Finally as a school we embrace and celebrate the mathematical achivements of every child. 
Mathematical Documents

These documents describe in detail Maths in our school, the journey in their learning, how Maths is taught and key facts to know by the end of each year. There is also a progression document, which shows how a particular topic is developed between year 1 and 6.

French at St Joseph's

Bienvenue! A French lesson is a wonderful cultural journey that children enjoy and that enriches their mind!


Geography is a broad, engaging and topical subject that we here at St.Joseph's are passionate about.

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