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Welcome to St Paul's Class Page 

St Paul's is one of our year 3/4 classes.

We are looking forward to sharing all of our work with you this year and hope the children will come home every day with a big smile on their face and lovely stories to share! 

Our team in St Paul's are: 

Mr Leggett - Class Teacher 
Miss Fox - Teaching Assistant 

Easter Production

The children had a great time practicing and performing Resurrection Rock! We can't wait to share the video with you!

History Day!

We were incredibly lucky to have a visitor come into school to teach us all about Ancient Egypt! We had a fantastic day learning about different artefacts, cartouches, mummification, games and lots more!

Mini Vinnies

We absolutely loved having Father Peter come into class today to take part in a whole class mass and welcomed our Mini Vinnies!

Fantastic Forces!
This term, our science topic is all about forces. We have carried out different investigations to help with our learning!

Using our knowledge of forces in the playground, we planned, designed and created pieces of playground equipment!

Push & Pulls

We looked at toys and playdough using push & pulls forces in order to make them move!

Playground Forces

We then investigated the push & pulls we could find in the playground!

Using Force Meters

We carried out an experiment using force meters looking at newtons!

Investigating Friction

We have looked at friction in the playground, looking at the effect water has on certain objects.

PE- Dance

This half term, we are incredibly lucky to have a Leeds Rhino's Coach come and teach us dance. We have started learning a few moves to do with our next topic- Egyptians!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!
We hope you have had a fantastic Christmas and are ready for a new term and a new year! We can't wait to have you back in class!
This term, we will no longer be going swimming. Instead, we will have two PE lessons which will be on a Tuesday and a Wednesday.

If you have any questions, please email Mr Leggett!

Mr Leggett & Miss Fox
Roman Villas

As part of our Roman History topic, we created our own Roman villas. We planned, designed and then created our own villas using cardboard boxes and recyclable resources.

Odd Sock Day!

Today, the children were encouraged to wear odd socks in order to raise awareness and celebrate differences!

Hero Day!

St Paul's had a lovely time celebrating hero day today! We had a range of wonderful costumes, including a tree, Emma Raducanu, Boudica, Mary, doctors, vets and many more! Who can you spot?

Year 3/4 Spelling

Each week we will be learning a new spelling rule in class. These documents share what spellings we have been learning and give you chance to learn them at home too! There is also a document to give advice on how to practice.

Useful Websites
Please see below the list of websites that you may find useful.

The Water Cycle

In Science, we were looking at the Water Cycle. We investigated this by planting cress seeds in a cup, pouring some water on it and covering it in clingfilm over the weekend. When we came back, the cress had grown and we could see the condensation on the side of the cups and clingfilm!

States of Matter

This half term, we were looking at states of matter. We had chance to act out a solid, liquid and gas. Can you guess which one is which?

Den Building

St Paul's had a great day taking part in den building! We worked in groups to create a shelter and then we got to test them out.

Leader in Me

To start off the year, St Paul's took part in different 'Leader in Me' activities. These activities were in order to inspire and encourage us to be the best we can possibly be. We worked through the 7 habits and created a display!

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