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Welcome to St Mary's Class Page 

St Mary's is one of our year 1/2 classes .

We are looking forward to sharing all of our work with you this year.

Our team in St Mary's are: 

Mr Allen- ClassTeacher 
Mrs McKee - Teaching Assistant 

Here is our newsletter for this half term
Purple Mash
East Ward Community Primary School - Purple Mash
We complete the times tables games as a class and the children are getting faster at recalling the facts each time. They really enjoy their times tables work.

Year 2: We have started placing our times table homework on purple mash. Children have a week to complete the assignment and can comment back to the teacher. 

The children are welcome to explore the other features at their leisure but please ensure that they have completed their tables homework as this will support their learning in class.

Year 1: We will be assigning some maths games for homework in time too, so please log on to see if you have any 2dos.
Resources to help you at home

To support the children with their phonic screen test and becoming more fluent at reading, we are adding these documents which you can go through t any time and at your child's pace. Remind your child about Fred Fingers when sounding a word out and say special fiends so they can identify the digraph in the word (two letters that make one sound). Also be aware of the split digraphs (a-e, i-e, u-e and o-e) such as in take, ride, tune and hope. There are also nonsense words on here which have an alien at the side of them. Your child has to use their phonics to read them as they are and not change them into a real word. Use these resources for the whole year until your child is sight reading some or most of the real words.

Common Exception Words

Please practice reading a few of these words at a time and practice to spell them correctly too. You can do rainbow writing with these. That is where you write each word over the top of each other in different colours. So you practise writing the word said 4 times in red, orange, purple and green.

Puppet shows

We made puppets this week and did puppet shows just like people did on the seaside. This was for our history lesson.

All things Easter

The children created some wonderful Easter bonnets and egg themed models over the holidays. Olivia and Florentina won the prize of an Easter egg each. Eggie Stobart was great!

Here is our KS1 newsletter for this half term
Easter and planting

We have been celebrating Easter and planting seeds.

Word Book Day!

The children came up with some inventive costumes and wrote book reviews of the book they came as. They also loved watching the performance of The Hobbit in the afternoon.

Objects in Our Church

The children during creative R.E. last week made the different items found in the church. They made the font, altar, crucifix, the tabernacle, pews, the statue of Mary and the stained glass windows.

Weather vanes

We made weather vanes and recorded the weather. The children loved it and have been recording the weather each day.

Autumn printing

In science we have been looking at seasonal changes and what the weather is like through the year. The children identified the signs in autumn and then learnt how to print with everyday objects to make an autumn picture. The children drew and printed birds, trees, conkers and leaves.

RE Thank you cards

The children made thank you cards to show thankfulness like the Leper did to Jesus.

Christmas dinner with all the trimmings

It was a fun lunch when we all had our Christmas jumpers on, had our special Christmas Dinners made by the kitchen staff and had a boogie.


In our P.E. lessons, we have been learning to do different types of rolls such as; log rolls, egg rolls, teddy bear rolls and the year 2's only have worked on forward rolls. The children also explored different ways to jump from apparatus, they did star jumps, pencil jumps, tuck jumps, straddle and pike jumps and all improved so much over the weeks. We looked at different balances and stretched such as the arch (sky dive as I named it) and the bridge. We even looked at doing the splits which was rather tricky but everyone had a go.

Autumn 2 Newsletter

Here is the newsletter to say what we have been doing during the second half term this school year.

Nativity Practise

If you have not already, please practise the two songs for our scene. The links are here: They came to a Christmas Party - Everyone's Asleep - I have attached the lyrics for you as well. Enjoy!

Skip, skip, skip away

Two times a week we practise our skipping, the children are improving and enjoy using the large skipping rope. We are working on doing double bounces between each skip, so please practise at home if you can.

I need a hero...

On Friday the 19th of November, we came dressed up as who we think are heroes to us. We had doctors, nurses, a shop worker, scientist, mums, police officers, a firefighter, Mary Poppins and a Steve Jobs! They all told me about their hero and why they chose them. It was a very fun day.

Houston we have lift off!

We have just finished our topic on a significant person from history which was Neil Armstrong. The children role-played the moon landing, created the moons surface with puppets and added detail of the moon landing to it and made parachutes to show the module coming back down to Earth.

This is heaven

To start our mysteries topic in R.E. we discussed what we think heaven looks like. The children created artwork using oil pastels and explained their creations to me afterwards. Beautiful ideas children!

Den Building day

During the first half term the children spent the afternoon with Chris who came in and taught them about den building. We worked as part of a team and synerigzed which is habit 6 from our leader and me learning. They all loved it and learnt some valuable skills. some of the children got wet when we tested how waterproof the dens were. The children showed great listening skills and helped to tidy all the equipment away afterward. It was a fantastic day!

R.E. The Chosen People - Abram and Sarai

We learnt about the story of Abram and his wife Sarai and how they had faith in God's plan for them. Abram and Sarai had to leave their home to make a new nation in Canaan. God told Abram to look to the stars as that would be how many descendants he would have, God changed Abram's name to Abraham which means father of many. The children role-played the story and remember so much. They also wrote about the story, here are some examples of their work.

Autumn 1 Newsletter

Here is what we have been doing during the first half term

We love to read!

This term my favourite five books are: The silly slimy, smelly, hairy book by Babette Cole (The children have loved this one!) Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown, The BFG by Roald Dahl, Green eggs and ham by Dr Seuss and The Three Billy Goats Gruff.

The children explore different aspects of reading - VIPERS - Vocabulary, Inference, Prediction, Explanation, Retrieval and Sequence.  The children will explore through creative and reflective work each aspect weekly and one child's work will be displayed.

My Favourite Five book lists
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